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The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Sayulita 

Traveling as a vegan or vegetarian can be tough sometimes, especially when visiting cultures that are predominantly meat dominated. But as vegan and vegetarian diets continue to grow in popularity, small towns like Sayulita are rising to the demand. While there are no exclusively veggie restaurants in Sayu, there are a ton of restaurants with Veg/Vegan options to choose from. We’ve put together some of our favorites below! To learn about the best tacos in Sayulita, click here.

Vegetarian Tacos found in Sayulita.

Breakfast at Yah-Yah’s 

Located on the south side of Sayulita, tucked away from the main square, Yah-Yah’s is our favorite breakfast spot. The atmosphere is typically quiet, and they provide both indoor and outdoor seating where you can catch up with friends, read a good book or use the free WIFI. Their coffee is 100% Mexican and their bagels are fresh. Choose from a ton of different vegan and vegetarian options such as _____. 

Vegan Bowls at Atico 

Atico is mostly known for its amazing live music in the evenings, but it also serves vegetarian and vegan dishes like bowls and breakfast. The staff are very accommodating, and all vegetarian dishes can be adapted into vegan versions on request. Get in the flow with their swing seats around the bar. 

Vegetarian Sushi at Tierra Viva

This restaurant is known for fish, but Tierra Viva is super accommodating for vegans and vegetarians. Want the salmon and avocado maki without the salmon? They’ll do it. The Veggie Breakfast Bowl is a personal favorite with cheese, veggies and scrambled eggs – but they’ll swap out some ingredients to make it vegan if you ask. Grab a panini or bruschetta for lunch. Fajitas make a great dinner.Plus, they’ve got an entire second floor that you can co-work out of.

Smoothie Heaven at Orangy

If you’re looking for a smoothie, Orangy is your answer. They’ve got every kind of smoothie you can imagine, including “The Surfer’s Brunch” – made of orange, strawberry, mango, pineapple, banana, oats and yogurt. They specialize in juices as well, if you’re feeling healthy. 

Vegetarian Pizza from La Rustica

If you want the best pizza in town, La Rustica is hands down, our favorite. While their pricing is a bit steep, the quality of food and service they provide is well worth the money. From the hummus plate, to their roasted artichoke, to salads, they’ve got vegans and vegetarians covered. We recommend the Guapa Salad, the Sunset Bow – and for pizza, they have Veggie Land or The Fungi, which can both be made vegan.

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