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The Best Taquerias in Sayulita

Best Tacos Sayulita

Bichos Taqueria

If you want to eat like the locals, you have to visit Bichos tacos. Originally located on the south side of town, Bichos closed down and reopened in November 2022 in a new location, off Pelicanos Blvd across from Marea Surf School in Sayulita’s downtown. Bichos has some of the most delicious tacos you’ll ever eat and they are priced totally fairly. You can expect to spend 150 Pesos for dinner. Plus, there are vegetarian options!

Naty’s Cocina

Naty’s Cocina, affectionately known as Naty’s, opened in 2010 and swiftly garnered a devoted following among both Sayulita locals and visitors. Rooted in cherished family recipes, Naty’s Cocina tantalizes taste buds with an array of authentic and time-honored Mexican flavors. Plus, their prices are unbeatable. You’ll find Naty’s just one block away from the main beach and at the south corner of the plaza. 

Legendary El Itacate Tacos

Open 1-9:30pm, El Itacate has a wide range of tacos, but they’re primarily known for their steak (arrachera) tacos. However they cater to vegetarians too. They have a taco made with hibiscus (or jamaica) flowers that’s absolutely divine. The restaurant used to be located on José Mariscal street with tables spilling onto the street, but they recently upgraded to a new location just north of the main bridge in Sayulita. 

Mary’s delicious Tacos

When it comes to tacos you can’t go wrong with Mary’s. Located on the main street of Sayulita – across from Sayulinda, and close to Selina – you’ll find one of the oldest restaurants in Sayulita. Mary’s has every kind of taco you could think of. Wash them down with a cold beer or some “Agua Fresca ” such as Jamaica or Horchata. While they don’t have a website, you can read more about Mary’s here

Tal Ivan – Street Tacos

After a long day of surfing (and maybe an evening drinking beers in the Plaza) there’s nothing better than street tacos from Tal Ivan’s. They’ve got two locations: the original at the mouth of the Sayulita’s main street and the other, newer location next to Yambak. They are most famous for their Al Pastor taco – and their incredibly cheap pricing. You can get 3 tacos (a full meal) for 75 Pesos. 

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